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The history of colour therapy.

Chromotherapy also known as colour light therapy is the practice of using colours via light to promote wellness and healing. The use of regular light therapy can bring users a sense of inner calm and restore balance to mind and body. The concept of Chromotherapy is a simple practice, each colour has a specific vibration and is used to use to raise vibrations within the body that may be low due to illness or emotional distress.

Adding colour therapy within your infrared sauna session gives a deeper level of healing to your session. The best thing about Chromotherapy is that it can be tailored through your session to meet your individual specific needs. Colour therapy targets various energy points within the body, working to stimulate the energy that is low in that area. It can be a very effective healing treatment for mental health, relaxation, nervous system regulation and Season Depression.

Red: activates the circulatory and nervous system. Increases production of collagen.

Violet: Cell renewal. Relaxes Nerves. Reduces inflammation.

Pink: Acts as a cleanser strengthens veins and arteries.

Orange: Reenergise and revitalising.

Green: Acts as a relaxant. Promote deeper healing.

Blue: Helps address infection. Low energy. Reduces stress.

The use of colours for healing is becoming more and more popular, with Chromotherapy now finding its place in the wellness world, but this is not a new concept, no, the use of colour therapy goes back a long way. Interestingly it can be traced back to Egyptian times. History suggests the Egyptians performed colour therapy by using different colour minerals, stones, crystals, and painted treatment room in particular colours for healing purposes, the colour related to the issue they wished to treat. But they were not alone in using colours for healing, ancient Greeks, Indian and Chinese also had a keen interest in using colours for healing, you will likely be aware of the now commonly practiced ancient healing modalities such as Chakra healing, acupuncture, reflexology, and reiki, each of these treatments relates areas of the body to colours with the concept of chakras. Along with colour therapy these treatments many people are now open to explore the alternative healing methods practiced in ancient times and are part of the self-care and wellness routine of many.

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