Elements Wellness Studio offers infrared heat & light therapy blending the elements of heat, light and salt for the ultimate wellness experience. 

The studio was established by Ashleigh Duncan, Counsellor MBACP, Ashleigh is extremely passionate about wellness & holistic health, as a trauma informed Counsellor she has studied various healing and wellness modalities for around 10 years, with a firm belief the body holds the path to healing.

Ashleigh founded a successful counselling private practice in 2017 offering bespoke therapy and healing, developing a framework of blending holistic and talking therapies, therefore inspired by collective client need and her own wellness journey and personal experiences with infrared saunas, RLT, & Salt therapy, she wanted to make these therapies  accessible to support others in their healing journey, bringing another level of healing to Newtownabbey,  offering many elements of wellness in the one place therefore Elements Wellness was born.

For further information on counselling and healing therapies Counselling Newtownabbey, Reiki Newtownabbey (adcounsellingnewtownabbey.co.uk)