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About us.

Counsellor Ashleigh Duncan, AD Counselling and Wellness Newtownabbey

Elements Wellness Studio offers infrared heat, salt & light therapy blending the earths elements for the ultimate wellness experience.


The studio was established in 2022 by local Counsellor and Wellness Coach,

Ashleigh Duncan MBACP. 

Ashleigh is a professional therapeutic counsellor and healer, with 10+ years in the industry, she is extremely passionate about wellness & holistic health, as a trauma informed Counsellor she has studied various healing and wellness modalities.  Due to her studies in trauma, Ashleigh holds a firm belief the body paves the path to healing.

Ashleigh founded a successful counselling private practice in Newtownabbey in 2016, offering a signature blend of bespoke therapy and healing, developing a unique framework of harmonising  holistic and talking therapies to clients from her busy private practice on Antrim Road, Glengormley.

Working with a wide range of clients from all ages, backgrounds, personal issues and experiences, offering talking and energy therapies she seen the need to extend wellness offerings furthering, focusing on both mind and body.  Inspired by collective client of presentations of stress, chronic conditions, overwhelm and mental health, the idea of offering a self accessible safe space for mind + body,  that users could lean on when needed seemed a necessity.  

"When dealing with chronic pain and mental health it can be frustrating to wait on appointments, we can't predict a dip in our health, whether that be mental or physical, therefore, having a local wellness studio that promoted holistic healing, which could be accessed "as and when needed" seemed the perfect protective factor to support the community in their wellness journey. 

Having used all the therapies on offer personally, to mange her own health and wellness, she has a vast knowledge of each treatments, however has continued to deepened her understanding by studying a diploma in infrared therapy, with the aim to support others in their healing journey and bringing another level of healing to Newtownabbey.  

"I wanted to offer a natural holistic approach to healing, offering many elements of wellness in the one place, I feel it is paramount to be able to access wellness treatment as and when is needed. Chronic pain and mental health doesn't follow the clock of society, nor does it have a calendar, by offering self accessible appointments we are able to offer users access to studio as and when they need, whether this is for rest, recovery or a reset we endeavour to meet clients as they are, and as they need'.  

Alongside her therapeutic work, Ashleigh is a published writer and author, writing wellness blogs and articles for local and national publications including Belfast Live, RVSP and Psychology Today. 

For further information on counselling and healing therapies 

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Health + Wellness Awards

Innovative New Business of the year 2022/2023
The Innovative New Business of the Year Award recognises entrepreneurs who have demonstrated forward-thinking in their industry. The judges are looking for groundbreaking achievements within your industry in a business that is under 2 years old.

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