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How it works?

Our aim is to make wellness accessible to all, we offer Staffed + Self accessible appointments.

Self accessible appointments are exclusive to members, these run early morning, evenings and weekends.  Self accessible membership can be signed up to after your first staffed session, at the moment this is free.  Staffed appointments run weekdays from 10am to 4.30pm. If you cannot find an appointment time to suit please contact us, we can endeavour to accommodate you. 

The studio is private you can book a solo session, or bring a friend. Group bookings are aviable on request. 


Simply Book a BRONZE, SILVER OR GOLD studio session, a session gives you access to our infrared sauna with in cabin chromotherapy lighting + complimentary use of our premium red light therapy & PEMF machine to use in the timeframe of booking.  If you wish to avail to these complimentary treatments we recommend a GOLD booking.  PLATINUM booking is available for members which is a 2hour studio session for up to 3 people for that ultimeate wellness experience. The duration of your booking is the time to use equipment, we allow a little extra time for changing/relaxing. 

Session Extras. 

Therapeutic Salt Therapy can be added to your session, for just £12.50 per booking, this is a popular ADD on. 

​Upgrade your sauna session to Self Care Package for just £5 per session; upgrades include;  Turkish Body Towel, Aromatherapy, Fruit Infused Cool Tea. 

Self Accessible Membership access;

Sign up is currently FREE - this membership will give you full accessibility to our studio enabling you to visit at a time convenient to you, early mornings, late evenings and weekends.  Members can avail to use of both staffed and unstaffed appointments.

Membership discounts run through the year and members can enjoy slightly longer sessions, as well as book PLATINUM experience.

Members are required to fill out a membership form + complete a staffed appointment for their first session as means of induction, enquire for further information.

Health + Wellness Awards

Innovative New Business of the year 2022/2023
The Innovative New Business of the Year Award recognises entrepreneurs who have demonstrated forward-thinking in their industry. The judges are looking for groundbreaking achievements within your industry in a business that is under 2 years old. We are delighted to have been put 
forward for this award.

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