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Take a breath & let your worries melt away with the calming warmth of infrared.

Did you know April is stress awareness month? In today’s world during some point of the month it is common to feel overwhelmed or stressed.. The fast pace of life today and the current climate we find ourselves in can knock us off our natural centre-point, with the pressures of society and life in general it is easier to feel an element of stress at some point in the week.

So how we can momentarily unplug and practice self care to manage stress?

It can often feel that we are pulled form pillar to post as we navigate work pressures, home life and social obligations. How often do we take a moment out of our day purely for our own well-being? Most will answer not very often, however this is vital for our wellness.

Mindfulness, relaxation and meditation are at the basis of a stable mind-frame that not only keeps us healthy, it maintains our peak-performance for longer periods of time. There are a vast range of health benefits from taking control of our wellness and managing stress in our lives and embracing a true form of relaxation.

Infrared technology has been proven to help reduce stress and anxiety by increasing blood flow to promote relaxation. Not only does it help you destress but there are a ton of other wellness benefits included. Regular use can assist users in stress management as well as promoting improved mental health and overall wellness. So let’s jump in and explore how exactly infrared sauna use can help our bodies deal with stress and peak productively as well as supporting mental health as well as ways to get the most relaxation out of your sessions.

How to Facilitate Relaxation?

  1. Ensure you’re well-hydrated, hydrate before, after and during your session.

  2. If possible, prepare some relaxing music or a mediation to play.

  3. Wear loose comfy clothing to your session.

  4. Enjoy getting lost in one of our self-help books or bring your own.

  5. Set an intensity & temp you’re comfortable with and step inside the sauna.

  6. Choose your lighting to compliment your needs.

  7. Close your eyes, and begin to take deep breaths. Breathe in, either through your nose or mouth for six seconds, hold, and release. Breathwork can really relax the nervous system.

Why are infrared saunas relaxing?

Taking time to yourself can be relaxing in itself, coupled with chromotherpay lighting will set the ambience for a little time out, the heat from the sauna will relieve any tension held in the body, allowing the body to soften and relax. The experience is particularly relaxing in the first half of the session, as your body temperature slowly rises and kick-starts your body into triggering several physiological benefits. Infrared saunas have been proven to optimise the production and reception of the natural antidepressants in our brain. So if your feeling a little overwhelmed or start to notice the first warning signs of stress presenting, why not give infrared a try? Your mind & body will thank you for it.

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