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Intentions for the new year

The beginning of a new year is often a time when we tend to consider New Year Resolutions and change. It is common time to assess your life, reflect on the year past, consider soft goals or self-development.

However rather than set rigid resolutions, that are hard to stick to or focus on change, it can be a good idea to reframe those into intentions for the year focused on improvement by making simple healthy lifestyle changes that you can build on throughout the year.

Small changes can be a steppingstone to bigger things.

Having a routine for total health and wellness requires more than focusing on just one thing. Here are a few simple healthy habits to incorporate in your wellness routine that may make a huge positive impact to your overall wellbeing.

Meditate for mental health

Meditation can give you a sense of calm and balance that can benefit both your mental health and physical health, you can use it to relax both the body and mind, cope with stress or soothe or get some focus in your day. Mediation does not have to be extreme, it can be simply resting the mind and body for a few moments, alternatively there are many guided mediations available online to access, my favourite is the balance app (free for your first year).

Take regular exercise

We are all aware of the physical benefits regular exercise has on our bodies, however, it is a positive intervention for mental health care. Exercise does not need to be anything extreme, take it at your own level and do what feels right for you. If you are new to exercise begin small and build on that.

Keep Hydrated

Hydration is super important. Becoming even slightly dehydrated can lead to lowered mood and decreased focus. Keep water or other low-sugar drinks on hand to sip throughout the day. . If you need to, set an alarm every hour to drink water until it becomes a natural part of your healthy daily routine.

Infrared Sauna & Light Therapy

Incorporating heat and light therapy into your regular wellness routine can be a huge benefit to your body as a whole. We know by now infrared saunas offer a number of health and wellness benefits such as muscle recovery, improved skin, boosted immune system, reduced stress, increased metabolism, and much more.

Keep a wellness journal

A wellness journal is a journal dedicated to keeping track of your mental health and wellbeing. This is a personal tool and can be used in whatever way feels good to you. It can be helpful to use it daily to set goals or perhaps makes sense of your thoughts or emotions during the day

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