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Combating seasonal depression with sauna and light therapy

A new leaf has turned, the clocks have went back and we are now officially approaching the winter months. As the colder days and longer evenings draw in, it can be natural to feel a dip in our mood, due to the lack of natural sunlight, a significant number of people can be negatively affected by the turn of the season, this can be a symptom of seasonal depression disorder, commonly known as SAD. It is estimated 1 in 6 adults in UK, suffer mild to severe form of seasonal depression, however, thanks to infrared and light therapy you do not need to deal with this seasonal funk alone, infrared is a highly effective treatment of seasonal depression.

Symptoms can include, loss of appetite, low energy, disinterest in usual pleasurable interests, lack of motivation, low mood, change in sleep pattern and feeling depressed.

Research shows the specific cause of SAD can include;

  • Your biological clock (circadian rhythm) being out of whack, the decrease in natural sunlight may disrupt your body internal clock and lead to feelings of depression.

  • Melatonin levels can be disrupted, knocking the body of balance, melatonin plays a role in sleep pattern and mood, therefore if this is off balance both these factors can be too.

  • Serotonin levels can drop. Serotonin is our brain chemical that affects mood, a drop in this can lead to a dip in mood.

Infrared & Light Therapy Can Help

Beyond the calming affects of infrared sauna session, infrared saunas also stimualate many physiological responses as well, research shows that sauna benefits indicate heat and light can improve mental health, relieve depression and elevate mood. Scientists say that stimulating the skin on a cellular level activates the hormones we need for a healthy mind, therefore bring balance back into the body and mood. Regular use can regulate hormones, mood, appetite and sleep pattern, all the elements affected by seasonal change. Infrared sauna and light therapy optimise the production of the bodies natural antidepressants, they invite the body into a calming state allowing feelings of tension relief, peace and contentment.

As you now know in addition to our infrared sauna we offer light therapy outside and within the cabin, the science of using light therapy states that regular use adjusts the bodies vibrations to frequencies that result in health and wellness. We recommend Green, Red and Blue when harmonising the mind and mood.

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