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3 steps to wellness.

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

From what I have experienced, the first step to wellness is becoming aware of our wellbeing. 1. Becoming aware of our wellbeing entails learning the messages our body is giving us, it is becoming aware of our bodies needs and what it is requiring for example if the body feels tired - we rest. Obviously that is a very basic need which we are all learnt from a young age, however, are you able to identify other needs based on the feelings /emotions you experience? For example, if we feel messages of anxiety, our body is telling us perhaps something isn't quite right, therefore we need to address it; this leads me on to our 2nd step. 2. Listen to your body - listening to your body is simply getting to know the messages it sends, for example if you feel overwhelmed this could be a message to step back and take a break, understanding your bodies messages can really help you meet it's needs. 3. Meet your bodies needs - becoming aware, listening and acting on the bodies needs is the cornerstone to healing keeping us well and in check, when we resist the messages our bodies deliver, the feelings will persist until heard.

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