Appointments We believe that honesty and transparency are key. Please plan to arrive at the time of your scheduled appointment, if you arrive early please wait until your time before entering the studio.  If you are late the time will unfortunately have to come off your session as to not delay the appointment behind you. 

Membership Scheme We offer a self accessible membership scheme this enables are service users to use the studio on a self accessible basis meaning members can avail to unstaffed booking slots out of hours.  Ask reception for details. To maintain this option we ask that members are mindful of times whilst using the studio.  It is important to arrive on time for your appointment so not to interurpt someone's session, it is important to leave the studio on time so not to delay the next scheduled guest. You will be allowed 10minutes after your sauna sessions end to gather yourself, rest + change. 

Hygiene. We ask you to leave the studio as you found it, our saunas our self cleaning and naturally disinfecting killing 99.9% of bacteria. There is no need to clean the sauna after use, however we ask to leave the door open after your session. The studio is cleaned thoroughly throughout the day.  Fresh laundered towels are available, however we ask you to bring your own towels + water when possible. 

Payments & Cancellations - Payments are paid at time of booking when booking via booking system, payments made through staff can be paid on arrival via cash/or card machine.  Payments are non refundable unless extreme circumstances contact staff to discuss. However, bookings within reason can be transferable should you request appointment change within 24hour notice of booking we will do our best to reschedule your appointment.  

Privacy we value and honour your privacy, our studio is private and all wellness consultancy is confidential.  Unless booking with a friend or needing special assistance please come to your booking alone.  

Autonomy - we ask all our users to take responsibility for their own health, ensuring they are fit and well to use the therapies we provide. On attending your appointment you consent to being fit and well to attend. 

Under 18's are welcome to use the  studio when accompanied by an adult.

Disclaimer all information given on our site is for general guidance.  Information on our site is not designed for specific medial advise, should you need medial guidance for specific conditions alternative therapy speak to your Doctor before use.