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Elements Wellness 

Tradition meets innovation, transformative, restorative wellness treatments.

Infrared sauna, studio Newtownabbey offering heat, light & salt therapy.

Newtownabbey's first premium infrared sauna wellness studio, providing a wellness space to nourish mind, body & soul, facilitating a time to rejuvenate, recover and relax. Within a studio session we combine innovative, restorative treatments including; Infrared Sauna, Salt Therpay, PEMF Therapy & Light Therapy.  

We also have the fabulous Balance & Bliss with Gayle Hood facilitating Holistic Therapies at The Studio every Tuesday 10am to 3pm and  Thursday from 10am to 6pm - contact Gayle directly to book - 07722866507

At Elements Wellness Studio, we believe in the power of holistic health & wellness.  Our boutique studio is a place of calm and tranquility, where you can find the perfect balance of mind, body and spirit. Whether you're looking to soothe aches and pains, reduce stress or just take some time for yourself, Elements Wellness Studio is the perfect place to find the relief you’re looking for. 

Our ethos is to provide accessible wellness at affordable prices, with that in mind we have two appointments options - Staffed or Self Accessible (most popular), pioneering a new way to care for your health.

The studio offers a contemporary comfortable space to practice self care & elevate wellness. We look forward to your visit.

Over 50 5 star reviews online 

Benefits Include; 

Allergy relief. Chronic Condition Management. Cardiovascular Health. Detoxification.
Health & wellbeing support. Improved Sleep. Inflammation reduction.
Immune system support. Mental health support.
Muscle recovery. Pain relief. Respiratory health.
Self care.  Skin rejuvenation. Weight Loss

Users find benefit from regular use of our studio for a range of conditions.

Such as; Seasonal depression, arthritis, asthma, cold & flu symptoms, joint pain, fibromyalgia, endometriosis, inflammation, mental healthrespiratory conditions, skin complaints such as eczema & psoriasis, sinus issues, sciatica, to name a few.  

Self Care Newtownabbey
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About Elements Wellness Studio

Locally owned, established 2022. Located Valley Business Centre, Newtownabbey

Wellness Studio & Holistic Therapy Newtownabbey

Our mission is to offer a bespoke accessible approach to wellness that users can access as and when needed.

We believe wellness should be accessible, affordable and available to all.

Far Infrared sauna therapy is gaining more popularity lately, with more people and health-care professionals feeling the benefits of far infrared therapy. Infrared is unlike a traditional sauna, far infrared sauna is a type of sauna that uses light to create healing heat. It differs from a traditional sauna wherein, a traditional sauna uses heat to warm the air, which in turn warms your body. An infrared sauna heats your body directly without warming the air around you. The infrared rays work deep into your joints, muscles and tissues, soothing the body.  An infrared sauna session is deeply penetrative, can help to eliminate impurities from the body, healing the body from the inside out. It is a great natural form of detox. 



We believe mental health and physical heath does not conform to a calendar, therefore our ethos is to make wellness accessible, therefore we offer both self accessible and staffed appointment.  

Our studio is owned by a mental health professional Ashleigh Duncan, with over 10+ years experience in the wellness industry.

 Within our private sauna studio each session includes complimentary Red Light Therapy   RTL is known to boost energy, regenerate and rejuvenates. Commonly used for skin health, it brings more oxygen, collagen, elastin and nutrients to your cells.  We also have a PEMF Mat available for members. 


The sauna hosts in cabin Aromatherapy &  Chromotherapy also called colour light therapy, specific colours target specific issues, bringing restoration + balance to both mind + body. Choose a colour to suit your specific needs.  

Our doctor endorsed Halotherapy/Salt Therapy is a commercial first in Northern Ireland, dispelling pharmacutial grade salt. The calming and detoxifying effects of salt can support the immune, nervous and lympatic system. It supports respiratory heath as well as reduction of stress, headaches, increased immunity and aids sleep. 

Our sauna and equipment are premium grade, doctor endorsed, delivering superior performance.

 We offer competitive rates, regular discounts and an innovative approach.


The health benefits of these therapies are extensive, working specifically with what each individual needs. Heat + light will target problematic areas,
paving the way to wellness. 

The safest and best range of sauna on the market with industries lowest EMF, hypoallergenic construction and 360 full body coverage. 

Disclaimer: This information is not intended to prescribe a particular health issue or course of action. We are not medical professionals, so please contact your GP or health practitioner for medical advise.

Balance body, mind & soul

Pricing + Appointments


Staffed + self accessible appointments available. 

Staffed appointments run weekdays -10am to 4.30pm. 

Self Accessible - early morning, evenings + weekends. 

We offer users the choice of appointment duration. 

Our most popular first session is a 40minute session, 50minute session is recommended if you wish to try all our treatments. 


Salt therapy is a popular add on to session. 

RLT & PEMF is complimentary within timeframe of booking.

The sauna is private, you can enjoy a solo session or share with a friend. 

Studio Pricing. 

BRONZE - 30min Infrared Sauna session 
1 person studio session £20

2 person studio session £30 
This appointment is suitable for those who wish to use the sauna independently. 

SILVER - 40min Infrared Sauna & Studio Session
1 person studio session £25

2 person studio session £35 
**Most popular first session booking** 
GOLD - 50min Infrared Sauna & Studio Sessions
1 person studio session £35 

 2 person studio session £45
This session is best booked for those who wish to try all our treatments.
RLT & PEMF is complimentary within your 
studio timeframe, however a longer session is essential to get the most from each treatment.

Salt Therapy is an add on to any booking for just £12.50 per booking.  While you soak up the healing heat from our infrared heaters, salt is dispelled into the sauna cabin, it will dispel for around 20minutes however remain in the air for the duration of your booking, we highly recommend this experience. Popular Add on. 

Self accessible appointments for members. 
Self accessible appointments are available to members, as part of our Members Perks, S/A appointments are slightly longer at same competitive rate, this allows members to relax and set up as needed.
Becoming a member is simple, simply ask for membership on your fist Staffed Session, it is currently FREE. 

If you cannot find an exact time to suit, please get in touch we may be able to accommodate you. 

Saving + Discounts 
We value our loyal customers + recognise the importance of regular/consistent use for best results.
We offer a loyalty point scheme + regular discounts to our members and subscribers.

Sign up today to keep up to date with offers + news. 

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